Airtel DTH Review


Airtel Digital TV HD Receiver

Airtel DTH Specifications:


Number of channels: 178
Interactive Service: Yes
Movies on Demand channels: Yes
Cinema Channels: Yes
Free Movies: No
Free Regional Packs: 1 (any)
Other Features
High Definition: Yes (with extra charges)
Auto search: Yes
Quality MPEG 4: Yes
Airtel Digital TV HD or simply Airtel DTH is one of the Digital TV HD receivers offered in India. Airtel is commonly known for its mobile services but they are also going in to the DTH service. This DTH offers very good features like its ability to playback a full HD 1080i content, MPEG4 playback, 7.1 Dolby sound capabilities and a lot more. Are you excited to know more about Airtel? Let’s dig in.


Design and Build Quality

The Set Top Box (STB) of the Airtel DTH is no different from others out in the market. It features a black finish with some silver at the ridge below the plastic front panel. Located on the front of the STB is the Airtel Logo as well as the controls. You will see a large sensor on the right side of the front panel. The top part has a metallic finish and ventilation takes care for the cooling of the machine, which is located at the top back area and on the slots on the sides.


Video review


The features of the Airtel DTH matters with the consumer choice, which means spending a lot more gets much better features. The packages are normally costs a lot more than normal cable TV services because of much better services such as HD channels, which is more expensive than the SD channels.



The interface of the Airtel DTH is broken up into categories, making it easier for the consumer to locate what he/she is looking for. The categories are Airtel Live, Channels, What’s Playing Now, My Search, My Favorites, My Settings, My Account and Help. When you first look at the interface, you will quickly notice an advertisement at the center of the screen. You will see that the resolution of the advertisement is very low and it looks very bad for a HDTV. The interface is pure black and the categories are tabs located on the left side of the screen. There is also a preview pane located at the top right of the interface that shows what is currently playing on the selected channel.

There is an interesting feature of the Set Top Box is at the time when a movie is selected, a notification will be shown at the bottom of the screen. This is the same notification that shows what is currently going on, on the selected channel. There are lot of HD channels available with this DTH service and when a channel is selected, the Airtel logo appears at the bottom right corner of the screen.



The Airtel offers several packages for the different parts of India such as for the Rest of India, South and among others. Currently, if you visit the Airtel website (www.airtel.in), they only offer monthly payment so the consumer can only pay monthly instead of quarterly, half yearly and yearly that can really decrease the total amount of payment needed.

There are total of seven (7) packages available based on one’s needs ranging from RS 266 – RS 486 monthly. We will have a quick look what the packages offer.


Mega Pack – RS 371 per month, South Mega Pack RS 406 per month

The Airtel Mega Pack includes 195 channels and additional 2 interactive services. The south version of this pack has 5 lesser channels than the rest of the India and only one interactive service.

Economy Sports Pack – RS 301 per month, South Economy Sports Pack RS 296 per month

As the name of the package tells, it offers the top7 sports channel. The whole package includes 175 channels and additional 2 interactive services. The South Economy Sports Pack includes 176 channels and only 1 interactive service that cost less than normal.

Ultra Pack – RS 441 per month, South Ultra Pack RS 486 per month

The Airtel Ultra Pack include 195 channels and additional 2 interactive services. This includes all the channels such as movies, sports, news, cartoon and many others. There are also HD channels and for the rest of the India, the most expensive package from Airtel. The South Ultra Pack offers 217 channels and 2 interactive service.

South Value Sports Pack – RS 266 per month

This pack is only available for the South Region of India, which includes 172 channels and an interactive service.

There are 3 other packages offered by Airtel and if you are interested in checking about them, visithttp://www.airtel.com/wps/wcm/connect/dth/Bharti+DTH/Packages+for+you/Browse+packages/


For a new subscription, the Airtel DTH HD is available at a price of RS 2,790 for the Rest ofIndia and one can avail either 3 months of Eco Sports HD or 4 months of Value Sports HD. For the South Region of India, one can avail a new connection for a price of RS 2,690 with 4 months of South Value Sports HD or 3 months of Economy Sports HD.


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