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LG AS-W126B1U1 Split AC 1.0 Ton Review


Looks 5 stars
Features 5 stars
Compressor 4 stars
Cooling 5 stars






  • Inverter Technology,
  • Jet Heat / Jet Cool,
  • Cyclotron Plasma Filtration,
  • Virus & Allergy safe System,
  • Selectable 4 way swing,
  • Air flow upto 30ft


With state-of-the-art inverter systems, LG Inverter / AC substantially reduces electric power consumption by 66%. A technologically innovative health filtration like three times the filter, allergy & contamination safe filtration and anti-bacteria generate a world complete with health, vigor and revitalization. This rare blend of smart soothing and energy saving gives the best a / c experience by chance.
Power eating
Energy price savings with LG’s good DC Inverter Technological know-how. Inverter LG Air conditioning unit have drastically higher strength efficiency compared with constant-speed non-inverter gadgets. As an effect, LG DC Inverter products will assist you to have upto 66% within the energy inside cooling. Also, by running an energy-efficient inverter unit, you not anymore have to bother with harmful CARBON emissions.

BLDC compressor
The LG Inverter Air conditioning features a BLDC compressor that utilizes a strong neodymium magnets. Its compressor as a result has much better efficiency compared to AC Inverter.

Automatic clearing:
No inconvenience of checking the ALTERNATING CURRENT for maintenance. A main factor for Air Conditioner scents is lould and bacteria this breed on the heat exchanger. The Vehicle Clean functionality dries the particular wet heat up exchanger to support prevent mould and micro organism from reproduction thus considerably reducing the actual old bad smell and saves you will from consistent cleaning.
Plasmaster Cyclotron pool filter:
LG improved Plasmaster Cyclotron narrow can incinerate microscopic dust particle & remove germs utilizing upto 30% larger efficiency when compared to conventional units with Plasma narrow. The technique reduces incredibly tiny contaminant & dust particles. This narrow removes family home mites, micro airborne debris & doggie fur to save lots of user mode the allergy or intolerance / asthma discomforts.

Dust floating while in the air is usually sucked within the Air Conditioner plus caught on the air narrow. LG’s freshly developed reaction filter is actually a new improvements. This allergy symptom filter comes with ‘Subtilisin A’ enzyme which often destroys place mites together with allergen.

Robust Compressor:
Very low on sounds, high relating to energy efficiency alongside better soothing, even for 54℃. Rotary compressor included in LG Air conditioning units have some sort of reputation meant for low disturbance, high efficacy and great satisfaction.

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