Review on Dish TV DTH Service


Review on Dish TV DTH Service

Dish TV Specifications

  • Economical DTH network
  • 245 Standard definitions and 41 HD Channels
  • 2 Satellite Broadcast
  • NSS6 at 95 E for telecasting SD channels
  • ASIASAT 5 at 100.5 E for telecasting HD channels
  • 10 Transponders on NSS6
  • 5 Transponders on ASIASAT 5
  • MPEG 2 Compression for Standard Channels
  • MPEG 4 Compression for HD Channels




Dish TV is the first satellite TV network in India. As for being the first satellite TV, they might have the best offers available and if they do already have some competitors in the country, they might still have the best offers, might have the worst offers or just average offers. However, for those who already have Dish TV HD Connection, you now have the option to upgrade your box with the recording feature.



Video Review about Dish TV


Design and Built

The Dish TV TruHD and the Tata Sky has almost the same dimensions with the only exception that the Tata Sky is slightly slimmer compared to the Dish TV. The main difference between the two is that Dish TV has a display in the front that shows what channel are you or rather the channel number and the current time when in stand-by mode.

All connectivity ports, the HDMI, composite video, component video, optical and the USB port are all on the rear side of the box.

The Dish TV TruHD and the Airtel’s rtecorder remotes are slightly thinner when compared to the Tata Sky. The only thing that really messed up everything is that the TruHD’s remote is totally laid out. Just for the sake of example, the “Menu” key is in a separate cluster, while the “Back” key is in a cluster above the cluster where the “Menu” key is located. Another thing is that the “Mute” key is very far away from the volume keys. Normally, related keys, like the volume and the mute keys should be on the same cluster. Next, at some times when using the on-screen interface; you will actually use the green button instead of the “back button”.


Features and Performance

The Dish technical team is very competent with this product. The signal meter is used to measure the signal strength from each transponder of the satellites that are being used. The box needs to be aligned at an exact angle to have better experience using it. At the start of installation, the software needs to be downloaded on the Set Top Box (STB). The download time usually takes about 5 minutes. If you will analyze the download time, it is not that long since it is average.

Dish TV uses 2 different satellites to send channels to their consumers. Because every satellite has a limited transponder space, this move really helped the Dish to offer more channels than their competitors did.

Dish TV claims that they offer 40 HD channels (which what they call “services”). However, they do really only have 12 HD channels. The rest of the other channels are purely SD channels with artificially increased resolution. The right term for those channels are “upscale” because it really does not make those SD channels HD. You can clearly see the difference between the real HD channel and an artificial or “up scaled” SD channel. The big difference of the “upscale” is its 4:3 display ratio is only stretched to fit the 16:9 display ratio of HD.

The recording feature of the Dish TV TruHD is just an add-on for existing users. The thing that the software did was to activate the USB port on the STB, allowing users for recording. Existing customers can activate this service and then order the remote, which will cost them RS 300, and is deducted from the mount you may have in your Dish TV account. At this point, you can now start recording manually or just schedule the recording for a later time.


The Verdict

The Dish TV TruHD service is fairly a good upgrade for existing Dish TV users. However, it is only for occasional recording as you have read on this entire review. We suggest you consider some better DTH from Dish TV or even try out Tata Sky or Airtel. Also, do some researches about the channel packages before buying anything to save your money for a better DTH.


Conclusion Rating
Ease of use
4 stars
Value for money
4 stars
Signal Strength
5 stars
5 stars
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