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Review on LG AS-W186C2U1 Split AC


Looks 4 stars
Features 4.5 stars
Cool 4 stars




Key Features

  • · Virus & Allergy Safe Filter
  • · E-Saver Mode
  • ·Plasmaster Cyclotron Filter
  • · Quiet Mode
  • · Jet Cool
  • · Triple Filter
  • · Selectable 4-Way Swing
  • ·Anti Bacteria Filter
  • · Chaos Mode

The groundbreaking Inverted Versus technology involving LG delivers of powerful yet noiseless performance whilst minimizing strength consumption by approximately 66%.

Energy Consumption

Power savings together with LG’s trusted DC Inverter Engineering. Inverter LG Ac have significantly higher strength efficiency compared to constant-speed non-inverter models. As an effect, LG DC Inverter products can help you have upto 66% with the energy in cooling. Furthermore, by having an energy-efficient inverter item, you not have to bother about harmful CARBON DIOXIDE emissions.

Effective BLDC Compressor

The LG Inverter Ac includes a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnets. Its compressor hence has improved efficiency in contrast to AC Inverter.

E-Saver Method

Energy protecting mode is definitely an operation manner that uses minimum strength while retaining body comfort by utilizing Body Adaptation Time Protocol (BATA) to Air conditioning units.

Auto Cleansing

No hassle of examining the ALTERNATING CURRENT for washing. A main root cause of Air Conditioner scents is loud in addition to bacteria that breed within the heat exchanger. The Automobile Clean operate dries your wet high temperature exchanger to help prevent clump and germs from mating thus significantly reducing your old cloth smell in addition to saves people from frequent cleaning.

Plasmaster Cyclotron Separate out

LG improved Plasmaster Cyclotron separate out can incinerate very small dust particle & eradicate germs together with upto 30% greater efficiency compared to conventional products with Plasma separate out. The method reduces tiny contaminant & particles. This separate out removes home mites, micro particles & family pet fur to save lots of user kind the allergy / asthma signs.

Triple Separate out

Eliminates compound particles along with odours such as foot in addition to smoke scent. The multiple filter consists of three specialized filters to lessen the symptoms associated with various normal compounds such as formaldehyde. It also has the capacity to remove distressing odors creating a more at ease environment

Trojan & Allergy or intolerance Safe Separate out

Dust floating within the air is actually sucked in the Air Conditioner in addition to caught within the air separate out. LG’s recently developed allergy filter is a new progression. This allergy filter provides ‘Subtilisin A’ enzyme that destroys home mites in addition to allergen.

Small Noise

The progressive design involving LG Air conditioning units along together with Skew Fan Technology results in minimal sounds.

Jet Great

High rate cooling to get the lowest temperatures in units.Instant comfort in summers also.

Selectable Automobile Swing

Direction involving horizontal in addition to vertical vanes could be adjusted. This operate allows mid-air Conditioner to help cool specific areas much faster.

Powerful Compressor

Small on sounds, high on energy efficiency as well as better cooling down, even at 54℃. Rotary compressor used in LG Air conditioning units have any reputation for low sounds, high effectiveness and reliability.

Whole Features

Model LG

Form AS-W186C2U1

Best parts

Cooling  3, 070~17, 743~20, 472 watt

Heat Capacity  3, 070~21, 496~30, 709 watt

Compressor  Rotary – R410A

Energy Supply(Volt/Phase/Hz. )  220-240V/Single/50

Energy Input (Watts)  1, 500 and 1, 650

Managing Current(Amps)   6. 6 and 7. 3

Warm & Frosty   Yes

TR (Ton Range)  1. 5T


EER/COP (w/w)  3. 47 / 3. 82

Atmosphere circulation (In/Out)(CFM)  689 and 2, 119

Noise Level (Indoor)(db)  twenty nine


Panel Display  A number of LED

Separate out Type

Anti-Bacteria Separate out  Yes

Trojan & Allergy or intolerance Safe separate out  Yes

Plasmaster Cyclotron Separate out  Yes

Triple Filter  Yes

Air Swing

Auto Atmosphere Swing (Up-Down)  Automobile

Selectable Swing (Left-Right/Up-Down)  Yes

Other Operates

Speed Environment  6/5

Automobile Restart  Yes

Sleep manner Yes

Upon Timer  Yes

Off Timer  Yes

Dehumidification  Yes

Chaos Judgment  Yes

Fluffy Logic  Yes

Jet Great  Yes

Nighttime Glow Keys on Remote control  Yes

Evaporator Termin Type PCM

Condenser TerminType  Platinum


In house (mm)(WxHxD) 1030 times 325 times 250

Backyard (mm)((WxHxD)  870 times 655 times 320

World Wide Web Weight

In house (Kg)  17

Outdoor (Kg)  forty six

End individual review

It is pretty good besides every imagine is okay we commence to use additional element. This product could be very quality total.

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