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Review on LG BS-Q126B7M2 split AC


Looks 4.5 stars
Features 4.5 stars
E-save mode 4 stars
Jet cool 4.5 stars


Key Features

  • Virus & Allergy Safe Filter
  • E-Saver Mode
  • Triple Filter
  • Quiet Mode
  • Jet Cool
  • Selectable 4-Way Swing
  • Plasmaster Cyclotron Filter
  • Anti Bacteria Filter
  • Chaos Mode

Power Ingestion

Energy cost savings with LG’s trusted DC Inverter Technologies. Inverter LG Ac has considerably higher vitality efficiency as compared to constant-speed non-inverter models. As an outcome, LG DC Inverter products may help you have up to 66% on the energy with cooling. Moreover, by utilizing an energy-efficient inverter solution, you no longer have to stress about harmful CARBON emissions.

Effective BLDC Compressor

The LG Inverter Ac has a BLDC compressor that relies on a strong neodymium magnetic. Its compressor so has much better efficiency in comparison with AC Inverter.

E-saver Manner

Energy conserving mode is definitely an operation manner that uses minimum vitality while preserving body comfort through the use of Body Adaptation Time Algorithm (BATA) to Air conditioners.

Auto Cleanup

No trouble of checking the ALTERNATING CURRENT for cleansing. A main reason behind Air Conditioner odors is loudly in addition to bacteria in which breed in the heat exchanger. The Vehicle Clean function dries the actual wet heat exchanger to aid prevent mildew and bacteria’s from reproduction thus considerably reducing the actual old rag smell in addition to saves anyone from frequent cleaning.

Multi Filter

Eliminates substance particles and also other odors for instance foot in addition to smoke stench. The double filter includes three specialized filters to reduce the symptoms linked to various organic and natural compounds which include formaldehyde. It also has the capacity to remove uncomfortable odors developing a more cozy environment.

Virus & Hypersensitivity Safe Separate out

Dust floating in the air is usually sucked into the Air Conditioner in addition to caught in the air filtration. LG’s newly developed hypersensitivity filter is a new improvement. This hypersensitivity filter has ‘Subtilizing A’ enzyme which destroys home mites in addition to allergen.

Minimal Noise

The innovative design of LG Air conditioners along along with Skew Enthusiast Technology brings about minimal sounds.

Whole Specifications

Model LG

Type BS-Q126B7M2


Cooling a couple of, 821~11, 600~13, 780 watt

Compressor Rotary : R410A

Power Supply(Volt/Phase/Hz. ) 220-240V/Single/50

Power Input (Watts) 990

Jogging Current(Amps) 5

TR (Ton Range) 1. 0T

Overall performance

EER/COP (w/w) 3. 43

Air circulation (In/Out)(CFM) 406 and 882

Disturbance Level (Indoor)(db) nineteen


Solar panel Display Many LED

Separate out Type

Anti-Bacteria Separate out Yes

Virus & Hypersensitivity Safe filtration Yes

Plasmaster Cyclotron Separate out Yes

Multi Filter Indeed

Air Swing movement

Auto Air Swing (Up-Down) Vehicle

Selectable Swing movement (Left-Right/Up-Down) Indeed

Other Characteristics

Speed Setting 7/5

Vehicle Restart Indeed

Sleep manner Yes

With Timer Indeed

Off Timer Indeed

Dehumidification Indeed

Chaos Reasoning Yes

Unclear Logic Indeed

Jet Awesome Yes

Nighttime Glow Buttons on Rural Yes

Evaporator Fin Type PCM

Condenser Fin Type Rare metal


Inside (mm)(WxHxD) 895 a 285 a 210

Outdoor (mm)((WxHxD) 720 a 500 a 230

Web Weight

Inside (Kg)  11

Outdoor (Kg)  twenty six

End individual review

LG Business produces the center class solution but price isn’t reliable simply because your solution is center class, price is quite high.

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