Sony Xperia l2 An Affordable One


Sony Xperia l2 An Affordable One


The Xperia l2 is one of Sony’s latest and most affordable Android phones in the budget range it is priced under Rs. 20,000 and that gives you a large display, fingerprint scanner and a selfie camera with a super wide angle lens.


Xperia L2 has the typical for Sony rectangular look and the back has a light curve to it. It isn’t the prettiest phone even at this price point but at least it feels solid.


Body is made of plastic with a matte finish that might fool you into thinking it was made from metal but it’s not. The hardware buttons on the side feels stable and clicky which is nice. There is no dedicated camera button but a quick double press on the power-key will open the camera application.

On the back we have the fingerprint scanner it is pretty fast


The screen is on the large side it’s a 5.5 inch LCD display but it has a low resolution of 720p, this is a super sharp and you do notice that text appears a bit pixelized but we’d to say that it is detailed enough for a phone of such a super affordable price one downside this is bluish tint but Sony does offer manual controls in the settings menu that help you change



Inside the Xperia L2 is a lower-end MediaTek processor it does a decent job with daily performance and it helps that the phone’s interface is very light we’re also pleasantly surprised by how well the three gigs of RAM holds up for multitasking but still don’t expect this to run the heaviest and most intense games and smoothly as a higher end phones.



The camera on the Xperia L2 is OK at best which is not a surprise given its class details are soft and colors could be better especially in low -light and indoors overall the camera can take usable photos but you have to take those photos when there is a lot of light and in favorable condition the selfie camera has an extremely wide angle lens this allows you to take huge group selfies with your friends as most wide-angle cameras there is a noticeable distortion around the corners though there’s also zoomed in selfie mode for one person self-portraits overall selfies do turn out well especially in good lighting.



Battery life the Xperia L2 is no champion compared to other Sony phones but it can certainly hold its own we had no problem squeezing out more than a day of operations from a single charge and if you’re caught in an emergency situation the ultra-stamina mode will basically turn off a lot of features and turn this smartphone into a feature phone to make sure you make it to a power outlet.



This is Android 7.1.1 and for already Sony users it is still a new android version because sony always a bit of late with their software updates but it is for a reason, the software you are getting in the device will be having almost every feature from the stock Android 7.1.1 but with a little bit of Sony’s own customizations.


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In conclusion, the phone priced under Rs. 20,000 Sony Xperia L2 is certainly a decent budget phone it feels solidly built and it handles all key smartphone tasks just fine but if you are not dead set on the brand Motorola has a couple of offerings in the same budget space which we feel might give you more bang for your buck the Moto G5s and the Moto G 5s plus.



This is really a very budget oriented phone from Sony and If you don’t want a high end performance phone and you only want a phone for your daily day to day tasks then you should definitely go for this smartphone.

Pros and Cons


  • Good camera performance at this price range
  • Android nougat 7.1.1
  • Great Battery Life


  • Outdated Software for 2017
  • MediaTek Processor
  • Not a high gaming smartphone.


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