Sony Xperia x z1 Sony’s New Flagship


Sony Xperia x z1 Sony’s New Flagship

So Sony is a pretty interesting company when it comes to mobile products they’re not really conforming to what’s going on in the industry with the bezel the screens the dual cameras and whatever else they’re just sort of doing their own thing and making phones the way that they see fit and whether that’s gonna work for them or work against them only time will really tell and the sony xperia x z1 is their latest flagship and it comes at a price of Rs. 46,990* and it’s really just more of the same from sony but this phone does have some interesting things going for it let’s talk about it.




The display doesn’t go edge to edge it doesn’t have a curved glass it’s just a pretty standard looking display it’s 5.2 inches it’s an IPS LCD with a resolution of 1080p.



Front-facing speakers which I do appreciate but historically Sony’s front-facing speakers have been pretty weak but on the EXCI one there’s a new smart amp now that’s supposed to give you 50% more sound pressure and it’s supposed to make the speaker’s a lot louder and they definitely do sound a little bit louder but it’s still not quite as loud as other phones that I’ve heard and they passed with front-facing speakers so while I do appreciate the stereo sound that you get with these front-facing speakers I still wish there was a little bit more volume to these speakers just in case you’re wondering the x z1 does come with a headphone jack.



so snapdragon 835 and 4 gigabytes of ram and there’s not really a whole lot to say about the performance of the x8 one it performs just about as well as any other flagship with these same specs it’s very fast its responsive it opens apps quickly multitasking is not a problem here and it also plays all the graphically demanding games perfectly fine without dropping any frames so there’s really no issues here at all with the performance.



It has 64 gigabytes of internal storage and it also has a micro SD card slot if you need more but one thing that it does not have is a fingerprint sensor.

 Sony Xperia x z1


so the camera is a 19-megapixel sensor that Sony is dubbing motion I and essentially what this means is it can capture unexpected motion or emotions such as a baby smiling.


The X Z1 might actually surprise you a little bit because it’s the very first Android phone to run 8.0 Oreo out of the box and that’s gonna be a big selling point for the XE one at least until people start getting their hands on Google’s brand new pixel – and of course with 8.0 Oreo you get all the Oreo features they would expect like notification dots native picture and picture support.


The design of the x z1 will look very very familiar it still has that overall boxy rectangular look but Sony has done a few things to sort of freshen up the design a little bit it has the loop design so these sides are rounded off which makes it feel a little bit more comfortable in the hand but it’s still not quite as comfortable as something like a Galaxy s8 or an LG V 30 and this loop design has now been extended to the top and bottom of the phone so if you look closely the top and bottom are ever so slightly bowed out so the phone actually no longer stands vertically on its own anymore.


The sony xperia x z 1 overall it’s a really solid smartphone and it does all lot of things well and it has some pretty interesting things going for as well like the 3d creator app and the fact that it’s running android 8.0 oreo but that selling point is going to be relatively short-lived and i think only the most die-hard of Sony fans will really appreciate this phone so if you really enjoy sony’s design you really enjoy sony’s mobile products then you’ll really like this phone.

Pros and Cons


  • Android 8.0 oreo with all its out of the box features.
  • 64GB onboard storage + SD card support.
  • Full HD display with more vivid colors.


  • Sony’s own skin on the top of Stock Android oreo is not so good.
  • Not so bezel-less design in 2017/2018.
  • Sony’s slow software updates.




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