Sony Xperia XA1 Plus A Mid Ranger

Hey how’s it going guys, today we are going to review Sony Xperia XA 1 plus and this one will be replacing my Motorola X play and this device comes at  a affordable price of Rs. 26,990*.


Inside The Box

Inside the box we get a quick charger USB type-c cable and this is the exact same cable which comes with the xz premium, we have the documentation startup guide and other stuff and we also get a pair of headphones. By the way on this phone you can use two SIM cards at the same time as well as a memory card so this is not one of those hybrids in cartridge you can use dual SIM and a memory card at the same time.



So you’ve got a 23 megapixel primary camera and this is the exact same camera used to get on the Sony Xperia z5 series 8 megapixel front facing camera and of course this front facing camera has auto focus.



This is a 5.5 inch LCD panel full high-definition display. So let’s go over the physical looks of this phone this is a very typical Sony looking phone and yes this has less bezels than the xperia xz premium and you can probably tell by looking at these edges and the top and this one has a screen to body ratio of 71% if I’m not wrong and that one is 68% so slightly less bezels on the X a1 plus.



A huge 3430 milli amp hour battery and this battery is bigger than the one which comes with the Xperia XZ premium.


Processor and Storage:

Powering the phone is the mediatek helio p20 chipset and this is paired with 4 gigabytes of RAM for optimum multitasking and 32 gigabytes of internal storage and it supports  LTE and LTE bands.


This phone runs Android nougat 7.1.1 and here the Android 7 Which is annual nougat not the latest but the Oreo update for this phone is coming in soon and the security patch level is 5th August 2017 and this phone comes with a Xperia launcher pinch.



If you compare this phone with some flagships phones from other companies like Oneplus and Apple then you would miss some things like bezel less design and most up to dated software with all the new features. This phone comes with a Helio processor which is obviously a low energy processor if compared to processors like SP 820, SP 835.


Helio P20 is a poor chipset but no you will not notice any slowdowns. You does not even notice any sort of lags on this phone no it does not heat up when you use the Internet(4G internet on this phone absolutely no issues) and yes  it is smooth. But if you are a sony fan then you should go with this smartphone.

Pros and Cons


  • Stable out of box software from the Sony.
  • Most bezel less phone from sony.
  • Andoid 7.1.1 with latest security patch.


  • Not so much bezel less if compared to other flagships in 2017.
  • Slow software updates.
  • Helio P20 Processor.



Camera – 3.9/5

Hardware – 3.8/5

Software – 4/5

Overall Performance – 3.9/5



Conclusion Rating
4 stars
3 stars
4 stars
Overall Performance
3 stars
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